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Over one billion streams on Spotify alone, multi-platinum awards in several countries, sold-out shows all over the world. There are probably not many German artists who can look back on such a success story. The ItaloBrothers can.

And even after 17 years, they still don't get tired of adding more chapters to this story. With "Stamp on the Ground", "Summer Air" or "My Life is a Party", the ItaloBrothers have achieved worldwide success, or recently have scored hits like
"Down For The Ride".
But let's be honest - who would have dared to predict such a career in 2005.
If what Kristian "Kris" Sandberg, Zacharias "Zachi" Adrian and singer Mathias "Matze" Metten tell us is true, then it all started as a kind of "fun project" in 2005.
But what was born there in a small, smoke-filled cellar in the quiet town of Nordhorn in Lower Saxony soon became a worldwide success.

With "Stamp on the Ground", the group landed a world hit in 2009.
The dance track not only brought them various platinum awards, chart successes and staggeringly high streaming and click numbers. In the years that followed,
it also took them around the entire globe, into the clubs of this world and in front
of countless people who danced to their driving beats.

After Zachi left the collective in 2015, they brought in fresh support in the form of producer Hanno Lohse, aka Cody Island, and seamlessly continued their past successes with "Summer Air" in 2017. With its tropical house and future bass elements, the song made it into the top 20 of the single charts in German-speaking countries in the summer of that year and was awarded multi-platinum in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, as well as gold in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

​Fuelled by such successes, their journey has not only taken them to various regions of our globe, but also brought them into contact with a wide range of musical genres. With singles like "Down for the Ride", "Let Go (feat. Kiesza)" and "One Day", they have produced tracks in recent years that reveal the widths the three sound tinkerers have advanced to.

And all this without ever giving away their musical trademarks: the typical, hypnotising ItaloBrothers hooks, the driving basslines and beats that make it almost impossible to hold still. And it is with these very ingredients that they will continue to stir up the dance floors of Europe and the rest of the world in the coming months and years.


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