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Klubfiller is one of the leading acts in Hard Dance, renowned for high-energy, crowd-pleasing DJ sets and unique bouncy productions. Klubfiller’s sound now 18 Years strong has swept the nation by storm and fan base growing at an exponential rate rarely seen is Hard Dance.

The early years …
The Klubfiller journey stated when he was 16 and had productions feature on chart topping albums such as Clubland and Ministry of Sound. He soon had appeared on other iconic dance labels such as Universal Music, AATW, Tidy Trax, Raverbaby, Nukleuz and more. This also led to him remixing big acts such as Armin Van Buuren, Darren Styles, Ultrabeat, Gammer, Scooter, Andy Whitby and such.

DJ Sets and travels …
A Klubfiller DJ set is a crowd favourite on any line up he features on, be it from a bounce show, a hardcore rave, or a multi genre mainstage festival set. Playing to the crowd whilst having the ability to push fresh new and exciting music. Also throwing into the mix the arguably greatest hardcore MC of all time ‘MC Storm’ on his sets and watch the atmosphere and energy go through the roof.

His sound and performances have seen him travel around the world with performances in USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Spain, plus has seen him appear on the UK’s leading events such as Creamfields, Westfest, Clubland, BTID, Reminisce Festival, and many more.

That Klubfiller sound …
With years of experience on the circuit, the unique Klubfiller sound is now firmly in place, taking in his experience and influence from the worlds of Bounce, Hard House and UK Hardcore. A good description of his sound would be High energy, fun, bouncy, singalong hard rave music. It has seen support from big names such as Ben Nicky, Darren Styles, Hixxy, Gammer, Andy Whitby, Kutski and more.

His own record label ‘Klubbed Up’ has seen several Beatport chart topping singles since its formation in 2013. It has been a figure head for pushing the hard rave sound. Looking to the future and wanting to help new talent have a platform to showcase their music a new sister label ‘Hardwave Music’ will be launching in late 2022.

On the Radio …
His popularity has seen him launch a weekly Hard Dance radio show on In Demand Radio, which is the UK’s fastest growing independent radio station. The show delivers the best from the world of Hard Dance and features big name guests. The show has now become one of the most popular on the station. It is available to listen live on DAB and online, you can also listen back via the In Demand Radio website and App.


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